“In 2017, Bucks Democrats had our best local election in decades. This year, we can take back the county for the first time in nearly 40 years.”
– Commissioner Diane Marseglia

Diane Ellis-Marseglia
Bucks County Commssioner

Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia, LCSW, first elected in November 2007, is in her third term on the Board of Commissioners.
Commissioner Ellis-Marseglia is a lifelong resident of Bucks County. Raised in Lower Makefield, she graduated from Pennsbury High School, and now resides in Middletown Township, where she served her community on both the Neshaminy School Board and the Middletown Township Board of Supervisors. Commissioner Ellis-Marseglia holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and earned her Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania.

Bob Harvie
Bucks County Commssioner

Bob Harvie is a lifelong Bucks County resident and lifelong Democrat who has been a member of the Falls Township Board of Supervisors since 2004.
Reelected two more times since first joining the Board, he has served as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors since 2008, longer than anyone in the history of Falls Township. As a Board member, he has been instrumental in bringing a new level of civility and professionalism to the Falls Township government and has led the effort to invest in Township infrastructure and improve the quality of life for all Township residents.


Our Democratic row office candidates

Kris Ballerini
Bucks County Treasurer

A 20-year resident of Bucks County, Kris Ballerini raised two daughters in the Pennsbury School District, and now she and her husband live in Upper Makefield. She currently serves as a township supervisor, and together with the rest of the board of supervisors, oversees a $12 million budget. With 13 years of financial services experience, the former bank manager has the training and background to serve as Bucks County treasurer. She started as a bank teller and eventually was responsible for daily oversight of $100,000 in cash, managed a staff of 15, and led business development.

Meredith Buck
Bucks County Coroner

Meredith J. Buck, R.N., J.D., both a registered nurse and an attorney, is a dedicated volunteer, not only with the Red Cross, but also in her legal practice. As an attorney, Meredith currently owns and operates her own general law practice in Chalfont, with an emphasis on family law, mediation, and medical/legal consulting, while devoting many hours to the pro bono representation of Protection from Abuse clients. Additionally, Meredith has worked as a critical care, operating room, and post anesthesia care nurse. She continues to work as a nurse on a volunteer basis in disaster relief.

Linda Bobrin
Bucks County Register of Wills

Linda Bobrin, Esquire, is an attorney and small business owner, running a solo law practice for the past 23 years. Inspired by the 2016 election, she ran for supervisor and helped create the first Democratic majority in Newtown Township. She currently serves as the vice-chair of the Board of Supervisors. She worked tirelessly to win that seat in 2017, door-knocking and introducing herself to township voters.

Brian Munroe
Bucks County Clerk of Courts

Brian Munroe is a Democratic candidate for Bucks County Clerk of Courts. He’s spent all of his adult life serving his community. A former volunteer firefighter/EMT, Brian enlisted in the United States Navy, served aboard the U.S.S. Roosevelt, and was highly decorated with awards, including the National Defense Service Medal. Brian then became a police officer, retiring after being injured in the line of duty.

Our Plan to Win

Since 2015, Bucks Democrats have been making gains in Townships, Boroughs and on School Boards from the top to the bottom of the County. We have been able to do this through the hard work of more than a thousand volunteers from every part of Bucks. This is our year to finish the job. And we need your help.

Together, we will win.

In 2017, the Bucks Victory field program was the most honored program in America at the AAPC Pollie Awards, winning in both the Local and Municipal Field Program categories and the Best GOTV category. The bedrock foundation of the success Democrats have had in Bucks has been a deliberate, coordinates, and intense focus on person-to-person voter contact through the work of our committee people and volunteers.

At the municipal level, we have been recoloring the map of the county, working our way up from Route 1 to Doylestown, flipping eight municipalities from Republican to Democrat since 2015, and we’re poised to flip at least three more in 2019.

We believe in engagement, follow-up, and further engagement, and the successes in Bucks over the last four years are directly attributable to our consistent, long-term organizing efforts. In 2019, we can take back the courthouse, but we need your help.

Fighting for our Bucks County values…

Common sense gun safety laws & enforcement

The election of a Democratic sheriff in 2017 allowed for a first step toward common sense gun safety in Bucks County. He instituted background checks to add a layer of safety that his Republican predecessor refused to. As Chairman of the Falls Township Board of Supervisors, Bob Harvie instituted gun buyback programs that successfully and safely removed over 60 guns from our community.

With a majority on the commission, we can bring these policies to all of Bucks County.

The opioid epidemic: Bucks County can do better.

Nearly everyone in Bucks County knows someone who has been affected by the opioid epidemic. We have a public health crisis at hand, and Diane and Bob recognize that we must take proactive action to combat this issue head on. We cannot incarcerate our way out of this issue; we must strive to create empathetic systems of justice that lead residents toward recovery. This means instituting countywide drug courts, fully funding drug treatment and recovery programs within Bucks County jails, and leading opioid town halls throughout all sections of the county to educate, reach out, and address issues directly where they are happening.

Civil rights & non- discrimination protection

With a Democratic majority, we can pass countywide nondiscrimination policies in workplace and public housing that the current majority would never had considered. Diane and Bob will work to represent and protect all Bucks County residents regardless of background.

Maintaining and repairing Bucks’ aging infrastructure

Bucks County was settled 100 years before the Commonwealth declared its independence from the English Crown. It is one of the oldest places in America, and its infrastructure reflects this. In a majority, Diane and Bob will work to build a plan to do everything in the County ‘s power to improve our infrastructure

…with common sense ideas.

Standing with workers and local business

As majority on the County Commission, Diane and Bob’s leadership will make one of their largest impacts with the solidarity and respect for labor they have shown throughout their careers as public servants. For decades, the majority has been hostile to labor and run by right-to-work officials. A Democratic majority will steadfastly protect the right to collective bargaining.
Diane and Bob are committed to bringing project labor agreements to all county contracts.

Working toward a sustainable 21st century economy

Our Democratic team is committed to revitalizing the Bucks County economy. Diane and Bob will work to bring new jobs and businesses to Bucks that pay a living wage. Bucks County needs real, sustainable economic development that will bring living wage jobs that support families. For nearly a generation, Bucks has been sliding into bedroom community territory, with an economic model reliant on Philadelphia. Bucks needs real economic investment, real jobs, and a healthy economy of its own, not reliant upon the city.

Protecting our environment

As commissioners, Bob and Diane will stand up for Bucks County families and their right to a healthy environment in ways the current majority have not. They will use all powers available to them as county commissioners to keep fracking out of Bucks, protect our water supply and air supply, promote projects like the Falls Township solar plant that Bob supported, and work to ensure Bucks County is a healthy place to raise a family.

Election integrity

Diane and Bob will commit to ensuring Bucks County moves to a safer, more transparent, and verifiable voting method. They will work to implement new, safer, and more secure voting systems with a verifiable paper trail.