Meet Linda Bobrin

Linda Bobrin, Esquire is an attorney and small business owner, running a solo law practice for the past 23 years.  She currently serves in the majority as a Newtown Township Supervisor, a position she has held for a year. Linda is the vice-chair of the Board of Supervisors.  She worked tirelessly to win that seat in 2017, door knocking and introducing herself to township voters.

Linda’s legal background involves many aspects of legal issues, centering around disability issues but often overlapping into the areas of wills and estates.  Her practice involving disability, illness and sometimes death is uniquely suited to deal with the issues handled by the Register of Wills.  Linda is experienced in dealing with clients, negotiating with parties to reach an amicable resolution and have litigation experience as well. Her solo practice allows her the flexibility to devote the necessary time to both the campaign and the job of Register of Wills.

She is a volunteer with a local hospice program and a participant in the “Election Protection” program run by the Bucks County Democratic Committee, where she travels to several polling places on election day to protect voters.

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